Greetings,  Bonjour, Вітаю, День Добрый !

I'm is a Senior Scientist at the Canada Border Services Agency, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa, working in the area of biometrics, video surveilllance and automated border control.

I am also the inventor of the Nouse™ (Nose as Mouse) technology, which is the Ontario Ministry of Health approved hands-free mouse alternative for users with disabilities, co-founder of IVIM Inc., and a parent of four daughters. Among other things, I couch gymnastics and compose songs.

Where to go from here:

For my professional and academic work: go to  science.gorodnichy.ca (mirrored at www.videorecognition.com).
There you will find presentations and papers about my work, as well as some fun scientific stuff. My bio and publications are also archived at LinkedIn and Research Gate.

To learn more about Nouse™ and download it for free testing: go to www.nouse.ca.

For my other creative projects: go to music.gorodnichy.ca. We are also on: Google+.

We speak english, français,українською и по русски and can be reached at [name]@gorodnichy.ca or [name]@ivim.ca.

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