Greetings, Bonjour, Вітаю, День Добрый !

I’m a Senior Scientist at the Canada Border Services Agency, working on the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for border control.

I have Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, authored over a hundred of scientific papers, made over a dozen of inventions, including the Nouse® (Nose as Mouse) Intelligent Vision Interface, which was featured world-wide and is now in Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Recently, I’ve been developing Web Applications that leverage the value of Open Canada data using various open source Data Science and Machine Learning tools: iTrack PSES and iTrack Border.

Apart of Science, I enjoy sports (once a member of the Ukrainian U-14 Olympic and the University of Alberta gymnastics varsity teams), compose music and interpret in Russian and Ukrainian my favourite bosa-nova songs.

I can be reached at [name] or [name]

Enjoy exploring more!

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