Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy, Speaker at Frontex conference

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Greetings, Bonjour, Вітаю, День Добрый !

I'm a Senior Data Scientist with 23+ years of experience working with the Canadian Government on problems related to public safety and security. I worked at the National Research Council of Canada, where I was developing video tracking solutions for the Canadarm and where I started the development of one of Canada's first Video Recognition Systems. Subsequently, I worked at the Canada Border Services Agency as a Principal Investigator as well as a Manager (bilingual position, for 5 years) responsible for designing and evaluating commercial and prototype systems for Automated Border Control applications, in particular, those using Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence

I studied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Dimploma Cum Laude), the Glushkov's Institute of Cybernetics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Ph.D. in Mathematics) and the University of Alberta (Ph.D. in Computing Science). I’ve been Adjunct Professor at University of Ottawa (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and  Department of Mathematics and Statistics), École de technologie supérieure d'Université du Québec (Laboratoire d’imagerie, de vision et d’intelligence artificielle), University of Dalhousie (Computer Science Department).

I am one of the most published and cited Government of Canada researchers in the field of video analytics and biometrics. I supervised over 30 undergraduate and graduate students. My work was featured several times in the success stories of the institutions I worked with. I've authored several award-winning scientific papers and inventions, including the Nouse® (Nose as Mouse) Intelligent Vision Interface, which was featured world-wide and acquired as an artefact by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. I received several Academic and Government awards, including "Outstanding Scientific Achievement" award from the National Research Council of Canada,  "Young Investigator Award" from the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society, and the "Cultural Diversity Leadership" award from the University of Alberta. I've been nominated the "Leader of Tomorrow" by the Partnership Group for Science and Engineering of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Canada. 

Apart from my professional work, I have pursued various interests and hobbies. I was once a member of the Ukrainian national junior gymnastics team, and continue doing competitive-level gymnastics, also coaching it. I play in local soccer leagues. I have a passion for creativity and have composed music and tales. My love for languages extends to translating poetry and songs. I possess skills in tuning pianos and enjoy creating my own interpretations of bossa-nova classics. I have conducted workshops on musical accompaniment and guitar playing, performed at my children's school fairs. I am a father of four daughters, two of whom graduated from high school with the Governor General's Academic Medals, which is the highest Academic Excellence Award in Canada. Their names are now listed on the Governor General website: here and here.

New developments since 2021
I was one of the first Canadians to get vaccinated "to protect myself and the community". As a data scientist trained in the performance evaluation of commercial products, I was eager to quantitatively provide evidence on the efficacy and safety of the innovative vaccines as soon as the post-marketing data for these vaccines became available on official government websites in the Fall of 2021. What I saw, however, shook my understanding of what was happening in Canada and worldwide:

This prompted me to become a truth seeker and an advocate for open discussions about these very concerning silenced issues and their relationships to the War in Ukraine, the country where I was born and grew up. This is when I started writing my blogs on Substack (IVIM Newsletter) and turned to alternative media sources to seek the truth. This is also when I started expressing my concerns and emotions through alternative means such as music and art. One outcome of this was a song I wrote titled "Who can tell me the truth? (An Anthem for the New Generation)" which was subsequently used on a dedicated portal to raise awareness about the tragic increase in sudden deaths among young Canadians since January 2022.

I can be reached at [name]@gorodnichy.ca or [name]@ivim.ca.

About IVIM:
IVIM is the company that we've founded with my wife in 2007 to support the Nouse technology. Later it has become a platform for community outreach projects, including the Web Apps that I've built,  the songs that I've composed, and other contributions to my community, some of which have been featured on CBC (e.g., ice-water dipping and helping people with disabilities).

Enjoy exploring more! Follow me elsewhere: 
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Printout from “Leaders of Tomorrow” brochure

Printout from “Leaders of Tomorrow” brochure

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