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This email has been written and sent to us entirely hands-free using the Nouse software. Thank you, Anita!

"When I became paralyzed two years ago, people found it hard to come and visit. It was emotionally draining for many, and few had the patience to hold up an alphabet board so we could spell out a conversation, one letter at a time. I missed speaking with my family and friends.
My son has been very strong and has faced the new 'reality' with his typical positive and supportive attitude. He has taken on many of my responsibilities for me. My ex-husband has also been very positive and supportive, spending his lunch hours with me and buying me roses.

It was particularly difficult, however, for my daughter to see me paralyzed, and so, even though we had always been close, she couldn't bear to see me like this and therefore, we could no longer communicate. Even after I began to speak a few words at a time, it was hard to imagine that we would ever laugh together again.

Two persons, a laptop, and new software called Nouse helped turn things around for me.

Hillary, my occupational therapist, who thankfully noticed that I was regaining a little bit of head movement, enough to use Nouse.

Bill, my volunteer here at Saint Vincent's, ever so kind and considerate.

Bill was in my room one day, listening as Hillary described what would be required. I would need a laptop, the Nouse software, a Wifi account, an email account pre-initialized with my contacts. We would also need to know how to position the laptop when I wanted to use it. Clearly, Hillary would have her work cut out for her!

With no hesitation at all, Bill volunteered to add another day to his visits, provided me with a laptop and Nouse, which he installed (and customized) for me. He then measured the dimensions and angles needed to have a nice wooden stand built by the Good Companions.

I have been using Nouse daily for nearly three months now. It has become part of my everyday life. I have found the software to be very easy to use with almost no learning curve required. Nouse uses facial recognition software and a webcam to track the slightest movement of your nose (hence, Nouse). Nouse has allowed me to use all the software on my laptop. I send and receive emails, look up information on the internet and even play the occasional game. I am now able to communicate with my family and friends on a daily basis again, for which I am ever so grateful!

Thank you Bill, Hillary, and Nouse!

Anita Scott -Harrison"

Saint Vincent Hospital, Ottawa, 2014

A CBC interview with Bill Dawson, a volunteer at Saint Vincent Hospital in Ottawa, who talks about Nouse and the great person at SVH who is using it: Listen it here.






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